What Men Say About MEND

What men on the MEND Programme say:

“I know you will feel shameful, guilty, in denial and embarrased about attending meetings. If you can just sit with those feelings and make yourself go the first night. You will find it easier and interesting the more it goes on, and eye opening.”

“I believe that the MEND programme can be a difference in your life. I found support, understanding and the truth as to why I used abuse and violence towards loved ones in my life. It will not be an easy path to discover your reasoning for domestic abuse/violence. If you stay with the programme and learn from it, you can achieve your goal to become a better person.”

“It is the best thing you could ever do and in the end it will become the most important thing you will ever have done in your life. I can’t speak highy enough of the MEND programme. You certainly get out of it what you put in. MEND has changed my life and has made me see things in a totally different way and understand things so much better. From the MEND programme I have become a better, more positive person who can deal with testing situations in the correct way and manner. I have a more enjoyable, trusting and rewarding relationship with my partner and am an all-round happier person.”