Programme Outline

How does it work?

Living Without Anger, Abuse and Violence

  • The safety of women and children is a priority when we work with men who are abusive within intimate relationships.
  • The man’s partner/ex-partner is offered support by our Partner Support Services while the man is on the programme.
  • The programmes begin with an assessment process where a man is assessed for his suitability for the programme. If a man is accepted for the programme he then joins a 32 week group programme.
  • Meetings will be held once a week and there is no cost to attend this service.
  • This service is for men who want to change their abusive behaviour and to learn how to have relationships that are based on love and trust.
  • Meetings will be held in a non-judgmental setting for men who want to change their behaviour and improve their relationships.
  • Men will be encouraged to be self aware, self reflective and will be appropriately and constructively challenged about their abusive behaviour and supported to make changes that will keep their partners or ex-partners, their children and themselves safe.